Amaris & Jacob, Married 10/2013

"True love!"
My (Amaris) best friend had been trying to get me on a dating site for 2 years, and one afternoon we were hanging out and drinking wine and she convinced me to sign up on POF, as she had a profile on there as well. This was on a Wednesday afternoon. Wednesday night, Jacob sent me a message introducing himself and asked if I would like to talk. Jacob was completely the opposite of my type, but there was something about him that I couldn't put my finger on that put me at ease. So I messages him back and we talked back and forth all night. The next day on Thursday we started texting. Again talking all day and night. Friday morning he asked if I would like to meet for a drink when I got off work, I was a server and got off fairly late, and said yes. Well his son ended up getting sick and he text me about it and asked if I would be comfortable coming to his house and hanging out on the porch and have a few beers. Normally, I would not have done that. But like I said, there was just something about him. So I went to his house, which was just down the street from me. He was standing outside in his driveway on the phone with his friend when I saw him. A lightening bolt went through me and I knew then and there that he is it, he is "the one"! We stayed up in the garage all night talking, I went to work the next day and came back over Saturday night when I got off work, and we talked again all night. The more we talked the more convinced I became that he is the one for me. Apparently he felt the same way. We have not been apart except for 2 nights since the day we met, and that was months after we made it official. We met Oct 12, 2012 and for married on October 13, 2013. We couldn't be happier! I can't believe I found the love of my life on a dating site!