, Married 10/2013

Rick messaged me on a Sunday night in mid October. We texted back and forth that week and made plans to have our first date on Friday the 13th, I'm not superstitious but I think it all was meant to be. Since that first date we have been by each others side more so than not. The first couple of months in to our relationship it revolved around our common interests, football, friends, food, family, and movies to name a few. Our relationship progressed quickly, we had our kids meet each other and thankfully they all got along great! His two daughters, 15 and 13 at the time, and my daughter and son, 12 and 3 at the time, were instantly friends and bonded with no reservations. However our decision to move it together and blend our families just 5 months after our first date did raise some concerns with our close friends and families, we knew that we didn't want to live another day apart. With any relationship, we have our days that aren't as easy as others. We have circumstances that are beyond our control which cause stress on our lives. But, whatever has and will continue to test the strength of our relationship, we both are confident in our love. Rick and I had been throwing the "marriage" word around for some months. One Thursday, we decided to just "do it" and getting married. And eight days later, we were married! October 18th, we were married in front of our children, closest friends, and family. It was perfect. Rick and I are very grateful to have found each other on POF. We encourage all of our single friends to try it.