, Married

"Truely meant to be!"
I first messaged Matt in February of 2013. I was getting tired of having no luck in my general area so I decided I should expand my search. I expanded my search to up to 200 miles away. I lived in California and Matt lived in Nevada *way more than 200 miles away!* Matt's profile was the first to show up and after reading his page I messaged him thinking I would never hear back. Boy was I wrong! He wrote me back and we talked online for a while then started to text message and talk on the phone. We would be up for hours at night talking about anything and everything. After a month or so of talking I just knew I had to meet him. So in March I drove 4 1/2 hours to meet Matt. Driving there I had so many mixedfeelings. I wanted to turn away thinking I was out of my mind. I actully pulled over to think this decision over! I'm so glad I didn't. I got there and the first thing I got was a big hug and kiss! We had the most amazing weekend and I was so sad to leave. I continued to drive and see him for a couple months and he came out and meet my family and friends. I was so in love. In May of 2013, 3 months later, I moved myself and my 5 yesr old son in with matt. He was so good with my son! 2 months later we found out we were expecting! A baby boy! We moved into a nicer house together and got engaged in September! I feel like I'm living a fantasy! I have never been happier. He was such a blessing and came at such a perfect time! I never thought this would happen to me after all my horrible luck with dating! But don't give up! Your prince is waiting for you!! :)