Stuart & Kirsty, Married

We got chatting on POF for about 3 weeks and decided that as we had common interests we would meet up and see how it went. As far as first dates go the fact that it was an utter disaster actually made it better than we had anticipated. We had arranged to meet at a local cinema to watch a film and then go for a drink after. After being at least 15 minutes late, I thought I'd be watching it on my own, but in she walked and the first words she said to me was my cars broken down. Seeing as I know nothing about cars I said, let me have a look. To no avail we went for the drink whilst waiting for a recovery truck. It was unable to take her to her home as the truck was to big to get where Kirsty lived, instead it dropped it off at one of her friends houses around the corner so I offered to follow then drop her home. I went in for a coffee and we ended up talking for a couple of hours till early hours of the morning. We arranged to meet again and I went home. We made the cinema on the next date and with no dramas this time had a great evening. It must have all been going ok as after 8 months of dating we moved in together and after 2 years together we found out that Kirsty was pregnant. We had been trying for only a short while before it happened and was what we had both been looking for as neither of us had any children already. Only for our world to come crashing down when on the 21 week scan we found out that our angel had passed a couple of weeks earlier. This was a very emotional time for us but bringing us closer together we found our relationship stronger than ever. Bringing us to the last couple of months where I decided to give 2013 a bit of a turnaround and do something to put that great smile back on Kirsty's face. Yes I proposed, and Yes she said YES. The story of the proposal is also something Kirsty will never forget.....In Kirsty's words on facebook.....Stuart proposed to me! I did not know anything, and he took me to Leeds Castle and a plane went by with a banner saying Kirsty I Love you, Will you marry me? Of-course I said yes! When he got down on one knee and opened the box, there was no ring! He then said it is definitely here somewhere, we better go and find it. After getting lost in the maze for 30 mins and finally making it to the middle, it wasn't there! Then he said one more place to look and we went to see the birds of prey only to find it attached to an owl named Twiglet who flew the ring passed me to Stuart who then got back down on one knee and said his bit and put the ring on my finger! As one last surprise he introduced me to a falcon named Sky who we got to hold and have pictures with so our Angel Skye was with us on this special day. I love you so much and thank you for an unforgettable day and night with a romantic meal overlooking the moat and castle and an overnight stay in the hotel courtyard. The reason the Falcon named Sky was so important was that we named our baby girl Skye, and having planned the whole thing a couple of months in advance the fact that they had a bird named Sky just made it extra special. We plan to get married summer 2015 and the only place that seems appropriate in which to do so is at Leeds Castle. Our story so far has had its ups and its downs, but thanks to plenty of fish were doing it together. Stuart and Kirsty.