, Married

"Unlike the rest"
So our story goes a little something like this… I was an over 30 male recently single again and had thought by now my life would have consisted of a wife and possibly kids. I had no interest in meeting a girl at the bars and as you may hear many people complain, “where else do you meet people?”. I heard a friend or two mention POF and I thought Id give it a try. I created a profile that stood out apparently. I mentioned all my good qualities but had no problem mentioning all my flaws as well… which is apparently different than most. I am a somewhat blunt individual. I am all about the honesty and wanted any woman that responded to my profile to know what she was getting into. I went on a couple dates and had no real bad encounters however I did not have any that created a spark either. Unfortunately my love did not have the same luck. Apparently she met a few jerks. I saw her profile and was intrigued. We had similar interests and she was beautiful so it was a win win. ? I messaged her and apparently she signed on that day to actually delete her profile due to the bad luck she was having with the jerks. Just before she was going to delete the profile she stumbled across my message and she liked my no bullshit style profile. She responded and we went from messaging to texting much earlier than I was usually comfortable with. Again we broke the regular rules I had for myself by agreeing to meet with her that week. We met and had our first date in the parking lot of a Starbucks near a large movie theater. It was a Sunday and there was really nothing to do so we walked my dog around the perimeter of the parking lot for hours and talked. It was amazing, words cant describe how wonderful it was and we couldn’t wait to see each other again. She was a single mom with a 6 year old son and that was new territory for me. I couldn’t wait to meet him however being the wonderful, cautious mother she was… that had to wait, which I understood and had complete respect for. We met many times that week and spent quite a lot of time together. In time I met her wonderful son and we all hit it off. Seeing each other turned into dating. Dating turned into moving into the house I owned. Moving in turned into adding a dog. So we became a family in a very short time. My life has become so full and meaningful in such a little time… I really couldn’t be happier. The most recently story goes… My love got sick. She was 25 and her pancreas needed to be removed. It was awful. She was in terrible pain. She had surgery. Awful. She got leave from work then had complications after surgery to prevent her from returning. Her work terminated her. Assholes. Cut off her insurance. How do you take care of complications when you have no insurance? She endured… She is a champ… It was very rough. We wanted to add to the family one day and we decided to move to a bigger place with more space to plan ahead. The plan: Sell the house… Pay off debt… Find a bigger house. Didnt go entirely according to plan. We moved in… Happy with the house but things start to break and cost more than planned. Money is tight she isn’t working because of complications still. We endure. The new plan: When she starts working we start saving for a ring and wedding. Life throws us a twist. My love’s grandma gets breast cancer. Awful. They do the procedures, treatments and surgeries. Outcome is good. Soon grandma isn’t doing well. New problem, she has a different cancer. Pancreatic cancer and its terminal. She has only months left. My love is devastated… She is a wreck as can be imagined and wants nothing more than to have her grandma be at the wedding and to be a part of the planning process as she always dreamed. We thought we had more time. Grandma moves in with us because she will be cared for by my love like no one else. The new plan: Make it happen. Ring was purchased and proposal took place this last weekend in a public venue which is a whole other story ? stay tuned. We were rushing a wedding for late January now hospice says grandma might not make it. Now we are rushing it for Dec 21st and we are making it happen despite our financial issues. We owe our connection to POF and wanted to share. My love Ashley and our son Dylan mean the world to me and I am so happy Thank you for your time Sincerely Jesse Jarka