Hanna & Tyler, Married 12/2013

"I found the love of my life!"
I was witnessing at a bar in our town. I was single, having a great time. All of my waitress friends had POF and they were always meeting and talking to cute guys so I figured I would try it out. A few days went by and I got tons of messages. I was surprised by how many people I knew from my home town. One night I got a message from a handsome man that was always in the bar. I had always had a gigantic crush on him. So we talked lightly about the bar, and then he asked why I was on POF. I said I was looking for a relationship, he was too. So we talked the next day all day. I felt like a kid in a candy shop. POF gave me the confidence I was lacking to talk to this beautiful man in the bar. He asked me to come over and watch a movie the next day, and I did. I knew right then after talking through the whole movie and laughing, that he was my prince charming. We started dating a few days later and I was in love. He must have been too because in February, a month after we started dating he proposed and I said yes. It was a love stronger than anything I've ever felt. We are now married and living happily planning our future! Thank you to POF for bringing the two of us who were so close to each other every day into a relationship.