, Married 10/2015

"Long distance relationships"
I was just moving back to St. Louis working as a consultant and traveling 5 days out of the week. She had just gotten out of a bad relationship situation and was looking to get back at the guy. The reasons that we got on Plenty of Fish, however, are not the important thing. I was in a hotel room in Boston MA starting a new project for work, I came across the profile of a strong, confident, and independent, woman that looked to be a good match. I carefully crafted a message that was 33% intelligent, 33% nerdy, and 33% I read your profile and heard what you had to say. I received a reply that evening, and we proceeded to send a few messages back and forth. She then gave me her phone number and said I should call her sometime. After pacing my hotel room for about 45 minutes I had finally worked up the courage to call. We ended up chatting on the phone about absolutely nothing, yet everything imaginable for about four hours that night. When it got too late we said our goodbyes and planned to talk again the next night. By Friday, she told me we should go out the next time I was in St. Louis, it turned out that I was in Boston Logan Airport getting ready to catch a flight home. I asked her if she was free on Saturday, and we made a date. The next two years were full of many highs and few lows as well; such is the nature of "long distance relationships". My job took me from Boston to Waco to Houston, to Princeton, and a few other short trips here and there. We knew the relationship would not be able to continue to grow with me gone all of the time, and for the first time, I had a reason to want to be home all of the time. So it was that in June of 2013, I quit my consulting career and made the move back to St. Louis full time. Unbeknownst to Phuong, I had also spent a little money on a certain precious stone. We had a trip planned for our 2 year anniversary to Morocco. We were going to see as much of the country as we could in 8 days, including a 3 day tour through the High Atlas Mountains and into the Sahara Desert culminating with a camping night with Berbers in the Desert, and it was there, at sunset, atop a 60 foot sand dune surrounded by nothing but the red sands of the Sahara as far as the eye could see, that I asked the love of my life to marry me. As of right now we are still in the planning stages for the wedding, we are doing a destination wedding with only our closest family and friends and are aiming for the fall of 2015. We can't thank Plenty of Fish enough for bringing us together. Ryan Neuf Phuong Nguyen