, Married 3/2010

"Fate is a very real thing"
I was sneaking on the office computer one day to check my messages and do a quick search. Well I forgot to check the box that says show profiles with pics only and got the page up and realized i forgot to check that box, so the ones without photos popped up first. Now I never looked at ones with no pics before, but being as it was that i was sneaking on the computer at work i only had a few moments so i clicked on the very first profile to read....i liked what i read, and after a few e-mails back and forth we exchanged phone numbers and started talking. Then we met and began dating, ( I was pleasantly surprised, because she was and still is beautiful). Long story short we got married and have been very happily married since that fateful meeting. I have adopted her 18 month old daughter who is now 5 and in kindergarten. We both searched under the serious relationship only filter and i am so glad i was talked into using your service because i met and married my true soulmate...by the way she proposed to me lol...very true story Thanks POF we are both filled with love and joy all because of your site and we thought you would like to know! Thanks again, Marty and Denise