, Married 6/2014

"2 less fish in the sea."
I messaged Brooke mid Dec of 2011. We chatted back and fourth on pof for a couple weeks. Right after new years, while having lunch with my brother, I decided to be bold and ask Brooke if she wanted to go skiing with my brother and me. To my surprise she said yes. Now we are set. Her and her friend and me and my brother. To my dismay my brother became ill the morning of so I was left to go meet two strangers by myself at a ski mountain I've never been to. We have a shy meeting. If it wasn't for her friend, the Russian, we might never have talked. The Russian was very friendly and made situations for us to talk. We skied and had a couple drinks and by the end of our day we both knew we wanted to see each other again. Brooke lived in Maryland and I in south Jersey. We were 90 minutes apart. That didn't stop us. We started a relationship and made the drive frequently to see each other. That lasted about 7 months and I asked her to move in with me. By August of 2013 Brooke was all settled in. In April of 2013, while on vacation in key west, I asked Brooke to marry me in Mallory Sq. with the sun setting in the background. To my delight she said YES!!! We are planning our wedding for this June of 2014. Neither of us thought we would ever find that special person 2 states away from each other. Thanks to the easy use of plenty of fish we were able to search that little extra distance we needed. I would recommend this site to anyone trying to find love. I found mine and I'm so happy I did.